Top 10 Most Expensive Divorces In History

Divorce rarely makes economic sense at any income level, but as Woody Allen once said, “The heart wants what it wants.” Here is a list of the 10 most expensive divorces in legal history (as determined by the estimated size of the settlement).

The list of 10 most expensive divorces
10. Craig and Wendy McCaw, $ 460 million
10 Most expensive divorces
The businessman and founder of McCaw Cellular in Seattle, Craig McCaw, married Wendy Petrak in 1974, but they broke up in 1998, just a few years after the company sold $ 11- $ 12 billion to AT&T.

9. Dmitry and Elena Rybolovlev: $ 604 million

How could you ever be happy that you owe $ 604 million to your ex in divorce? Well, you would be grateful if the courts had previously determined that you owed her $ 4.5 billion. This is essentially what happened with the split of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev and his ex-wife Elena. Judicial battles continued from 2008 to 2015, with a Swiss ruling in 2014 granting her $ 4.5 billion. After an appeal, however, he had to “only” pay $ 604 million – but she was allowed to keep two Swiss chalets in the settlement. (source)

8. Adnan and Soraya Khashoggi, $ 874 million

For nearly twenty years, Saudi billionaire entrepreneur and arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi was the record for the most expensive divorce settlement in history. Adnan married 20-year-old Soraya Khashoggi in 1961. The couple asked for a divorce in 1974. It took Soraya until 1979 to sue her ex-husband for a cash settlement, estimated at $ 874 million.

7. Harold and Sue Ann Hamm: $ 1 billion

The separation of the Hamms in 2015 was perhaps not the most expensive separation in the world, but it was the largest settlement test that we know of. Harold, an Oklahoma oil and gas operator, issued a $ 974.8 million check to his former wife in 2014 to complete the proceedings after more than two years of court battles. (With the exchange of assets and other payments, the total separation costs amounted to approximately $ 1 billion.) (

6. Steve Wynn and Elaine Pascal, $ 1 billion

Steve Wynn, CEO of casino empire Wynn Resorts, married Elaine Pascal in 1963. They divorced in 1986 but remarried in 1991, eventually leading to their second divorce in 2010. Wynn lost the owner of about half of his shares in the company in his second divorce with Elaine Wynn in a $ 1 billion agreement, according to reports at the same time.
5. Bernie and Slavica Ecclestone, $ 1.2 billion

Bernie Ecclestone, the president and CEO of Formula One Racing, was married to Slavica Ecclestone for 23 years, a former model. They have two daughters, Tamara Ecclestone and Petra Ecclestone. The couple requested a divorce in 2009 for an estimated $ 1 billion to $ 1.2 billion.

4. Rupert Murdoch and Anna Maria Torv, $ 1.7 billion

After a 32-year marriage and three children. Murdoch divorced his second wife of 31, Anna, with a settlement of $ 1.7 billion in 1999. He married Wendi shortly thereafter.

3. Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng, $ 1.8 billion

On June 25, 1999, 17 days after divorcing his second wife, Murdoch married Deng Wendi, who was born in China. Thirteen years later, he is ready to repeat the same process. On June 13, 2013, a News Corporation spokesperson confirmed that Rupert Murdoch had filed for divorce with Deng in New York, USA. According to him, the marriage had been irreparably broken for more than six months.

2. Alec and Jocelyn Wildenstein, $ 3.8 billion

The separation of Alec Wildenstein from Jocelyn Wildenstein is considered the most expensive divorce ever in history. He was a French businessman, art dealer and racehorse owner and breeder of a billionaire. He married Jocelyne Périsset on 30 April 1978. They had a daughter, Diane, followed by a son, Alec. Jr. Their divorce proceedings between 1997 and 1999 received widespread media coverage of revelations about the couple’s extravagant spending patterns and Jocelyn Wildenstein’s preference for plastic surgery. According to reports at the time, Jocelyn received $ 13 billion in the divorce settlement and $ 100 million each year for 13 years thereafter.

1. Vladimir Potanin and Natalia Potanina, $ 7 billion
Vladimir Potanin and Natalia Potanina
The divorce of Vladimir Potanin from Natalia Potanina is considered one of the most expensive divorces ever in history. Potanin is a Russian entrepreneur with a billionaire. According to Forbes, he is worth $ 14 billion.

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