Top 10 Most Expensive Rings of the World Ever Made

We are sure that it is wonderful for you to know that there are some rings in the world that cost more than a million. It is hard to believe, for an ordinary man, that a ring can have a price of more than sixty million dollars. The recruited rings are a diamond ring and the most expensive rings ever made. The description of these rings and their diamonds can even make queens.

The list that we reproduce, about the most expensive diamond rings in the world, informs you about all basic and even secondary details (origin of the diamonds, color scheme, cutting, polishing, change of ownership, production and current property).

The price list of these most expensive rings in the world, ever made, suggests that we do not have the faintest idea of ​​owning them. It does not mean that it is harmful for us to know more about these expensive diamond rings. It will be quite informative to have knowledge of such expensive items. No one can stop us from dreaming about these rings. Here we start the list, so.

Top 10 most expensive rings ever made:
10. Blue Diamond Ring – $ 10 million
Blue Diamond Ring $ 10 million
In the list of the most expensive rings in the world, the blue diamond ring comes on the 10th number. The ring has a 6.01 carat diamond. The aforementioned blue diamond has a cushion shape, surrounded by a smaller pink diamond on both sides. It was sold at an auction to an anonymous bidder. This ring was also sold in Hong Kong and the original expected price was actually within the range of 2.5 million dollars. The fact that this ring has been sold for three times that amount, shows how truly beautiful it is. Vividly clear light blue stands out, while the pink compensates for the striking composition. A platinum band completes the triumphant ring, turning it into a dent of an engagement ring (even if it’s just in our dreams.)

9. The Vivid Pink – $ 11.8 million
The Vivid Pink- $ 11.8 million
The Vivid Pink is number ninth in the list of the most expensive rings in the world ever made. The 5 carat diamond used in this ring will make everyone who sees it up close and personal very happy. A bidder at Christie’s in Hong Kong went for this beautiful beauty in an open auction. The Vivid Pink diamond ring went for 11.8 million dollars.

Although it looks more than enough, but what a beauty it has! Shape vise his diamond is a cushion cut (a very popular and iconic cut, we can add,) and was mined in the mines in South Africa. The Vivid Pink Ring is also known for its rare and exotic beauty; that hard to find pink color would tickle any girl pink! At the Asian auction, the ring was the “glittering star”, and it is fairly easy to understand why this title is given to the ring.

8. The Bulgari Blue Ring – $ 15.7 million
Blue Diamond Ring Bulgari
If you choose the list with the most expensive rings in the world, you will find that the Bulgari Blue Ring is number 8 in the list. When it was sold in an auction, it was the most expensive ring of the time, but now it is on the 8th number. At that time it was auctioned in $ 15.7 million. This is the largest blue diamond in a triangular cut in the world! It has a 9.87 carat white diamond in combination with another 10.95 carat Vivid Blue diamond.

It was first in Rome in the 1970s before it made its way to North America, where Christie held it to keep it safe. The original price estimate for the Bulgari Blue diamond was around $ 5 million, but it was $ 15.7 million. This depreciation is associated with the fact that it is a good omen for a childless lady who bought it for the first time. After the purchase, she gave birth to a baby boy and the ring price was three times higher than the real and first estimate.

7. Chopard Blue Diamond Ring – $ 16.26 million
Chopard Blue Diamond Ring
In the list of the most expensive rings in the world, the Chopard Blue Diamond Ring is in seventh place on price. It was sold for $ 16.26 million. The ring has a beautiful oval blue diamond with a band in 18 carat white gold. The band that is used in it is itself embedded with smaller white diamonds. The blue diamond used in this ring came from a Boron drill, which was responsible for that striking blue hue. The diamond used in the ring looks like a combination of light aquamarine blue and clear teal. This ring comes from Chopard jewelers, a Swiss company that is known worldwide for its elegance and a “cut” is above the rest. Really a luxury item can be considered as this ring.
6. The vibrant yellow ring (Dream Diamond Ring) – $ 16.3 million
Vibrant yellow ring
The vibrant yellow ring is on the 6th number in the list of the most expensive rings in the world. This ring is definitely a beauty. In the auction it was priced $ 16.3 million. The person who likes yellow, this is just the diamond for him. The yellow diamond used in this ring is the most expensive of all time and was sold at an auction of Sotheby’s in Geneva from Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels.

The vibrant yellow ring is huge and it is actually one of the largest cut diamonds in the world. It seems that all colors are transmitted and reflect, making it a small narcissus, both in color and in form. The production functions are that there are two diamonds on the side, with a total of more than 100 carats and it seems that this would seriously weigh someone’s hand! It is also called the “Dream Diamond”, and it is fairly easy to see why.

5. Perfect pink diamond – $ 23.2 million
Perfect pink diamond – $ 23.2 million
While we are looking for the most expensive rings in the world ever made, we find out that Perfect Pink Diamond Ring is fifth in this list. The diamond used in this ring; Perfect Pink Diamond was a record-breaking jewel that was sold at the auction. The diamond was 14.23 carats while being sold at a Christie’s auction. The auction was held in Hong Kong. it has such a beautiful appearance that we can say that this ring is best suited for the finger of a princess. Carved in a rectangular shape, the jewel is a rare pink hue. So this works double as an impressive ring! By the way, there are only 18 famous diamonds in the world that weigh more than 10 carats and have been sold at every auction.

4. The Winston Blue Diamond Ring – $ 23.8 million
The Winston Blue Diamond Ring – $ 23.8 million
The Winston Blue Diamond Ring is number 4 in the list of the most expensive rings in the world. There is an unparalleled diamond used in this ring. It is a flawless, vibrant blue diamond. The diamond is the largest in the entire world! The price was $ 23-8 million. This baby is a hunk: 13.22 carats, a world record. The drop-shaped or we can say almond-shaped diamond looks absolutely perfect. The ring and diamond look perfect for each other.

The diamond used in this ring was found in South Africa. It was brought to various institutions and finally The Winston Blue was certified by the Gemological Institute of America on March 25, 2014. The Winston Blue Diamond is named after Harry Winston. He was a jeweler in South Africa. The jeweler mentioned the diamond, the first time after it was found.\
3. The Graff Pink Diamond Ring – $ 46.1 million
The Graff Pink Diamond Ring – $ 46.1 million
In the list of the most expensive diamond rings ever made, the Graff Pink Diamond Ring comes in number 3. The diamond used in this ring is 24.78 carats of luxury and elegance. Sixty-three years ago, this diamond ring was sold for 46.2 million dollars. In Hong Kong, the diamond ring from Graff Pink was sold at an Sotheby’s auction. It was sold by a famous jeweler of the time Harry Winston. On number. In the auction mentioned, the ring achieves almost double the expected auction price! Normally in those days the sale and purchase of things made by diamonds was kept secret, but it was done openly. The open auction was also a reason to double its price. One of the competitively priced things in the world.

2. Pink Star Diamond Ring – $ 72.00 million
Most expensive rings
The second most expensive ring in the world is Pink Star Diamond Ring. This ring has a diamond of 72 million dollars. Isaac wolf was the person who sold it. It was such an expensive diamond that many rich bidders had to meet disappointment who wanted to buy this diamond at the auction. Originally mined in Africa, the diamond looks like a huge dung beetle, but it is indeed a pink diamond. When it was found, the diamond was originally 132-6 carats in its natural state.

Another name for this ring is The Pink Dream, because whoever wears this finger cannot move openly. At the moment it belongs to the national treasure and nobody owns it. It took two solid years to cut and be polished, the diamond had to be clear in an oval shape and reduce it from 132.6 carats to 59.60 carats

1. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond Ring – $ 80 million
Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond Ring – $ 80 million
The price is simply amazing when you know that there is a ring in this world, but no less than 80 million dollars. Yes, there is a ring, Wittelsbach-Graaf Diamond Ring, the most expensive ring in the world. It comes first in the list of the most expensive rings in the world ever made.

This diamond was discovered at the end of the seventeenth century in the Kulloor Mine Guntur district in India. It is 31.06 carats, a deep blue color and has a perfect brightness. Three different experts worked on cutting the diamond to get it right. This diamond was originally owned by King Philip IV of Spain. The oval-cut diamond was viewed by thousands and thousands of people in the National Museum of Natural History, nowadays it also belonged to the Austrian and Bavarian crown jewels.

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